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Hamlin County Board of Commissioners

UNAPPROVED MINUTES: the Hamlin County Board of Commissioners met on Oct 24 with the following members present: Roe, Rudebusch, Saathoff, Baldwin and Noem. No one absent.

The Chairman led the Board in the Pledge of Allegiance.

AGENDA:Motion by Saathoff seconded by Baldwin to approve the agenda as posted. All members voting Aye. Motion carried.

MINUTES: Motion by Rudebusch seconded by Noem to approve the minutes of Oct 10,2017 All members voting Aye. Motion Carried.

HIGHWAY DEPT: Bryan Pedersen Highway Supt met with the Board. He stated they will again be getting their salt sand from Basin Drain Tile and Construction for 7.00 a ton. Basin did not have the elevations of the ditch digging. The deck on the bridge by Castlewood has all been poured and they are removing the forms. He will be going to Castlewood Thursday to move the mail boxes on the county road in Castlewood City. The State has again opened up Highway 28 west of Estelline with their work complete.The State will have to reimburse Estelline Township and the County for any damage or to restore the roads they used as detours. Engineering work is being done on the bridge south of Hamlin School on 446th Ave. Jay Gilbertson of East Dakota Water met with the Board. He stated the DENR measures Lake Marsh and presented a paper showing all the lake elevations since 1983. He stated Lake Marsh is at its normal level right now. Last measurement was taken on Oct 18. Water is now flowing out of it. Sometimes a sand bar will form and hold water and then the water will finally push through it and flow out. Water rights could look at the culverts also.

SALARY CHANGE: the Board approved a .50 raise for Logan Twait of the Highway Dept. since he has been here one year . New rate is 17.07 per hour.

FIRST READING ORDINANCE 02-17 AN ORDINACE TO AMEND Section 1.03.01 adopted by Ordinance 05-01 as amended of the Zoning Ordinance of Hamlin County. Hearing was held. No one appeared.

ZONING: Todd Kays of First District met with the Board. He presented a Letter of Agreement between Hamlin County and First District for them to do all the zoning for Hamlin County. He presented what they will do and a calendar schedule. The charge will include all mileage, they will furnish the vehicle and all other costs. The County will have the cost of publishing notices and mailing of letters. The Auditor will do this. He will be holding a Zoning Board meeting in November to handle about eight cases they will have to come before the Board. In December there will not be anything done and in January they will be in the office in Hamlin County for two days each week. This will be published in the newspapers and lake assoc. letter. A name was suggested to fill a position on the Zoning Board.

SHERIFF: Sheriff Chad Schlotterbeck met with the Board. He was requesting that he be allowed to have a petty cash amount of 100.00 for making change for pistol permits. The Board approved such. The Auditor will set up such. Chad presented some quotes from State Bids for a new vehicle. This would be ordered now but would take about 6 months before deliver. This would be out of his 2018 budget. Motion by Noem seconded by Baldwin to allow him to purchase a 2018 Dodge Charger from Wegner Auto on State Bids for 23,122.00 plus 195.00 for an engine block heater. All members voting Aye. Motion Carried.

CONTINENCY TRANSFER: Motion by Saathoff seconded by Rudebusch to transfer from Continency Budget 4100.00 to the Court Budget as allowed within the county budget. All members voting Aye. Motion Carried.

HOLIDAY: The Governor has declared all state offices closed on Dec. 25 for the holiday and also be closed all day on Dec. 26. The Board will also close the courthouse on these days following the state since offices in the county can not receive any assistance from the state on those days.

PLAT: Motion by Saathoff seconded by Rudebusch to approve the plat of Bass Addition in the Northeast Quarter of Section 14,Township 115 North, Range 52 West of the 5th PM Hamlin County SD All members voting Aye. Motion Carried.

AUTOMATIC SUPPLEMENT: Motion by Rudebusch seconded by Baldwin the make an automatic supplement to the Sheriffs budget and revenue budget in the amount of 2013.84 from a Highway Safety Grant received. All members voting Aye. Motion Carried.

COUNTY RANGELAND AGREEMENT: Motion by Saathoff seconded by Baldwin to authorize Leland Roe Chairman of the Hamlin County Board of Commissioners to sign the County Rangeland Fire Protection Agreement. All members voting Aye. Motion Carried.

ABATEMENTS: Chris Schafer Director of Equalization and Jessica Trautner Treasurer met with the Board and requested the following abatements of taxes. Motion by Rudebusch seconded by Saathoff to approve the following abatements of Record # 610 for 182.18 Record 800080 for 23.85 Record 800076 for 12.90 Record 800075 for 4.90 Record 675 for 450.14 and Record 6173 for 393.04 for taxes due in 2015 because of replatting and untraceable deeds. All members voting Aye. Motion Carried.

WEED: Robert Feldhus Weed Supervisor requested permission for him and Roger Greenfield Weed Board member to attend the District 1 meeting Oct 30 in Stratford and for him to attend the District 3 meeting Nov 2 in Pierre and the District 2 meeting Nov 8 in Mitchell. The Board authorized such.

CLAIMS PAID: Birch Communications phones Auditor 17.52 Register of Deeds 18.10 Assessor 12.43 Treasurer 21.26 Weed 19.67 Extension 12.41 LIEAP 8.83 Watertown City 911 fees collected 4799.24 Verizon Emergency & Disaster cell phone 122.81 SDACO Register of Deeds fees to state 230.00 Verizon Sheriff cell phones & air cards 471.20 Century Link 911 trunking charge 338.76 Hamlin County Sheriff petty cash fund 100.00 David Schaefer Emergency & Disaster reimburse health insurance 1000.00 Neofunds postage 700.00 Northwestern Energy Util Courthouse 75.11 Ag Bldg 10.00 Road 23.37 Visa Emergency & Disaster Gas 79.50 Lodging 15.00 Auditor Gas 69.29 Lodging 99.02 Supplies 71.00 Assessor Supplies 136.99 Road Gas 65.00 Lodging 198.04 parts 36.94 Treasurer lodging 99.02 Sheriff Lodging 213.00 Supplies 33.00

STATE REMITTANCES;money sent to the State: Motor Vehicle License 133,373.55 Blood Tests 140.00 Nurses Contract quarterly 1545.00 State Remit 1119.00 Animal Bounty half of year 1566.60 total 137,744.15

The Auditor reported the cash on hand in the Treasurers office as of Oct 1,2017 Checking Account 3,012,313.09 Money Markets 2,137,988.45 CD’s 1,084,542.82 Cash on Hand 2107.63 Checks on Hand 32,340.27 Credit Card Deposit on hand 1087.80 Total 6,270,380.06 Of this the following belongs to General Fund 3,457,998.16 Special Revenue Funds 2,352,556.25 Schools 127,954.00 Townships 142,460.21 Cities & Towns 41,953.94 Trust and Agency funds 147,457.50 Total 6,270,380.06

Meeting adjourned at noon until Nov 7,2017 at 9:30 am in the Commissioners Room County Courthouse at Hayti.


Leland Roe Chairman of the Board

ATTEST: ________________

Dixie Opdahl Hamlin County Auditor

It is the policy of Hamlin County SD not to discriminate on the basis of color,national origin,sex,religion,age or disability in employment or the provision of service

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