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Protecting South Dakota lakes from aquatic invasive species (AIS)

AIS can have negative effects on lake waters including reducing fish populations and impacting water quality. South Dakota has watercraft restrictions in place to help protect its waters.

  • A person may not launch or attempt to launch a boat, motorboat or boat trailer of any kind into the waters of the state with an AIS attached or onboard.

  • Trailered boats must have all drain plugs, bailers, valves or other devices used to control the drainage of water opened or removed and kept out except while in a boat ramp parking area or while being launched or loaded.

  • Boats, motorboats and boat trailers are subject to inspection by a Game, Fish and Parks representative.

For more information please consult the 2018 Game, Fish and Parks Fishing Handbook located at

AIS invertebrates include: zebra mussel, quagga mussel, rusty crayfish, asian clam, new zealand mudsnail, red-rimmed melania, red swamp crayfish.

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