Lake Poinsett Watershed
Strategic Plan Report, 2013

“Lake Poinsett is a lake highly developed for both recreational and commercial purposes. Excessive
algal blooms have historically plagued the lake and hampered recreational uses during the summer
months of the year. The algal blooms were caused
by excessive nutrients delivered from several
sources within the watershed.”

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Lake Poinsett Watershed

Project Reports 

Final Report EPA Section 319 Nonpoint Source
Pollution Control Program

Project Coordinator: Rick Smith


Lake Poinsett, Lake Albert, Lake Norden, and
Lake St. John, all have important economic and
social values to the region related to recreation,
wildlife habitat, and residential living. The
watershed is located in the Prairie Pothole region
with numerous natural lakes and semi-permanent
wetlands. Other significant natural lakes in the
watershed include: Marsh Lake, Lake Mary,
Dry Lake, Thisted Lake, and Badger Lake.

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