Our Mission

We are dedicated to preserving the health and beauty of our lake for future generations.

Our Goals

1. Provide learning opportunities on ways to protect water quality and fishery.

2. Utilize a strong communications network reaching all lake users.

3. Inform our lake community of local services.

4. Collaborate with other agencies to enrich healthy lake awareness and actions.

5. Build supportive and personal connections with members and community.

6. Advocate ways to protect and improve our watershed.

7. Monitor lake water quality and fishery for changing trends.


Committees change as community needs shift.

Newsletter Editors
Social Media Communications

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Event Coordinators

Saturday AM Coffee Chats,
Happy Hour,
Spring Beach Clean-up,
Lake-wide Rummage
Sales Weekend,
Annual Meeting

Pancake Breakfast Coordinators
Membership Services Coordinators

Works with our business sponsors

Membership Data
Water Quality Monitoring
Financial Review & Budget