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The Lake Poinsett Association is an all-volunteer organization started by a group of concerned lake residents in 1964. They formed the first Board of Directors to address lake water issues.


Our current Board of Directors continue to promote healthy lake awareness and action through education, social activities, publications, social media outreach, and water quality monitoring. Annual membership dues and business sponsors fund our work. We are a state non-profit corporation, without federal tax exempt status. 

Our Mission
We are dedicated to preserving the health and beauty of our lake for future generations. 



GOAL: Create opportunities to reach potential members, and engage and retain our existing members.


  • Membership Data Coordinator 

  • Business Sponsor Coordinator

  • Nominations and Volunteer Coordinator

  • Organizes Event: Annual Meeting, Open House

  • Organize Date: Lake-Wide Rummage Sales &     Lake-wide Garbage Cleanup.

Community Issues
GOAL: Identify concerns, alert the membership, and initiate problem-solving steps. 
  • Work with officials to support ordinances and regulations that protect the lake.
  •  Follow county news, zoning, commissioner, and township minutes.

  •  Organize a petition, written complaint letters, set up public input meeting or attend others.

Education Outreach
GOAL: Be a reliable voice that helps build the memberships' knowledge to address lake issues. 
  • Publications - The "Lakeside" Newsletters
  • Social Media Outreach: Website & Facebook Page
  • Organizes Event: Coffee Chat with an Expert

Lake Stewards
GOAL: Monitor water quality and protect the beauty and safety of our beaches and shoreline.
  • Performs water quality sampling
  • Monitors public beaches for weeds, litter, and safe conditions
  • Organizes Events: Beach Trash Bash
Financial Management
  • Oversee LPA's financial activity, ensures its in legal accordance. 
  • Prepares annual financial review, proposed budget, keep By-Laws legal.
  • Facebook
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