Our Mission

We are dedicated to preserving the health and beauty of our lake for future generations.

Our Goals

1. Be a reliable voice for membership and build knowledge to address environmental challenges on our lake.

2. Create opportunities that engage and connect members, nonmembers, and directors.

3. Monitor water quality and protect the beauty of our beaches and shoreline.

4. Foster positive relationships with officials and advance the LPA's best interest. 

5. Ensure membership benefits are met. Inform, listen, and respond to members' concerns.


Committees change as community needs shift.

Membership Services

-Business & Homeowner

Lake Information
-Social Media & Publications

Lake Stewards
Water Quality Monitoring
Community Connections
Financial Management
County Issues

Spring Beach Clean-Up

Pancake Breakfast

Coffee Chats with an Expert
Lake-Wide Rummage Sales

Lake Walk
Annual Meeting