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What can I do to help our lake?

Volunteer and participate in our lake healthy projects and events. Each one of us have a part to play in protecting our favorite lake. 


The LPA has been extremely fortunate over the years to have dedicated leaders and volunteers working to make a difference for our lake and community.


Below are some ways volunteers can pitch in. Come and help, we'll make room.

For more information please email us.

LPA Task Force

A current task force is working on a Lake Management Plan.

Beach Clean Up

There are five public beaches needing litter control.

LPA Events 

Our events run smoother with more help. Sign up for an event.

Special Project

An individual or a few more can work on a project approved by the board. 

Water Quality Volunteer

Collect water samples once a month, during the week, from May to Sept.  

LPA Board of Directors

Meet once a month to discuss and decide how to protect the lake.

Minutes Monitor

Follows county and township meeting minutes online and in the newspaper.


Send in your photos of the lake or people enjoying it for our newsletter. 

Newsletter Guest Contributor 

Do you enjoy writing? Share your personal lake stories in LPA's Newsletters. 

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