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A lake district is a special purpose unit of government with powers focused on lake management and the provision of services to property located within its boundaries. The electors (resident voters) and property owners at the annual meetings can authorize a lake district to exercise some or all of its regulating powers.

We have two Lake Park District boundaries to note:

  • Hamlin County Lake Park District (LP-1) for zoning Click Government Tab - County for boundary map.

  • Lake Poinsett Water Project District and Lake Poinsett Sanitary District share a separate boundary.

However each district, unless otherwise zoned, are within 1,000 feet of the ordinary high water line (1,651.5 feet) of Lake Poinsett and Lake Albert and usage shall conform to the regulations for these districts. 

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The LPWPD is a local level governing board responsible for:


The Outlet Control Structures (Gates)

The gates are east of the outlet next to county road 459th Ave bridge. These are operated in accordance to the permit authorized by the SD WATER MANAGEMENT BOARD in Pierre. The gates' purpose is to protect the water quality in Lake Poinsett. The only time the gates are closed is when the Big Sioux River backflows into the lake.


Culvert and Slough Discharge

The LPWPD conducts an annual lake water quality assessment for NITRATES on sloughs and culverts that flow into the lake.

Shoreline Erosion and Stability Issues

Lake property owner’s planning shoreline work must contact the LPWPD to schedule a pre-work inspection, receive advice on available funds, and guidance on permitted stabilization guidelines.


A homeowner’s shoreline stabilization project can be partially covered by a cost-share fund. For your project's approval, submit a SHORELINE STABILIZATION APPLICATION.

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