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Our Business Sponsors and Business Members understand the value of a clean and healthy lake for our environment, community, and economy. We are grateful for their support of our mission. A healthy lake is a team effort!


Please support our business sponsors and members, we recommend them!

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Brookings (605) 695-0623

Sioux Falls (605) 371-4253

30th Interim HealthCare .png


104 Main Street, Estelline, SD

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Sioux Falls 605-336-3890




Easy on You, Tough on Pests

Business Members


Country Corner - C Store

Badger Oil Inc.

Bobber's Bar

Estelline Township

Interstate Telecommunications Coop/ITC

Lake Region Golf Club

Siouxland Bar & Grill

Weiland Marine

Advertising in Directory
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Advertising in the...

LPA Lake Directory &
Lake Poinsett Visitor's Guide

Both books are printed and published by Hamlin County Publishing in Castlewood, SD. 

LPA Lake Directory is a member's exclusive resource which includes the names and addresses of every lake owner around Lake Poinsett and Lake Albert. It also includes the identical ad pages as the Lake Poinsett Visitors' Guide.

(Membership is open to anyone who loves a lake and pays the LPA annual dues.)

Lake Poinsett Visitor Guide is a complimentary guide - your go-to reference for local businesses and services.


Please contact:

Hamlin County Publishing, Inc

123 E. Main St., Castlewood, SD 57223

LeeAnne Dufek, Publisher

Phone: 605-793-2293                        


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