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  •  Our printed publications get the word out – Join LPA Brochure, Lake Directory, Lake Living Guide.

  •  Our Welcome to Lake Living Packet for new lake homeowners includes tips on protecting lake water-quality.

  •  The annual maintenance on the 4 storm sirens that stand ready to alert.

  •  Lake water quality testing for Chlorophyll-a, Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and Clarity.

  •  Events that connect lake wide neighbors: Saturday AM Coffee Chats, Happy Hour, LakeWalks, Beach Clean-Up,

        Pancake Breakfast, 4th of July Boat Parade, Lake-Wide Rummage Sales, and Annual Meeting.

  • LPA newsletters, email subscription, and Facebook are all about staying informed with current lake information

        that could affect us, our property values, and our enjoyment of the lake.


Our newsletters provide a sense of community, connecting us by our love of lake living, and stir neighbors to work

together when lake problems arise. So let’s all keep in touch!



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