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Why become an LPA member? Because your lake needs you!  


Be a member whether you live on the lake, visit the lake, or own property in its watershed. We envision a beautiful, healthy lake teaming with fish, and each of us have a vital role to play in protecting its water quality and recreational value.


Membership dues fund projects that strengthen our communication network, educational outreach, and the protection of the lake.  

Membership also includes our educational lake publications and timely alerts requiring action. You will receive:

  • Three informative "LAKESIDE" Newsletters (May, June, July)

  • The ever-resourceful Lake Directory.

  • Our e-Lake News email subscription.

An LPA membership benefit is the "opportunity to participate."

  • Volunteers make our association stronger in every way.

  • Volunteers serve on the board, help with events, and projects.

  • Volunteering reflects what we care about and what we want to protect.


Annual dues are $50.

Click  Join / Renew  to sign up and help increase our impact, JOIN US!

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Our Current Projects

LPA's volunteer Board of Directors work on

critical topics that affect your lake and community.

Storm Siren Project 

Public safety is important to us. The LPA is responsible for the annual maintenance on the four storm sirens located around the lake. More on Sirens


Annual Lake Directory

There's no other resource like it - locate names and addresses of every lake property owner around Lake Poinsett and Lake Albert. 

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LPA Events

These social / educational events support our clean, healthy lake mission and connect lake-wide neighbors on important lake concerns. More on Events


LPA Publications and Social Media

Our newsletters, brochures, website, Facebook Page, and e-Lake News subscription provide exclusive information on lake issues you can't get anywhere else.

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Water Quality Testing Project

Our volunteers take water samples from the center of the lake and five shoreline locations. We partner with the South Dakota DANR for testing nutrient pollution, E.coli, and the toxicity level of blue-green algae. More on WQ

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