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Our townships provide services that:

  • Oversee roadside ditch mowing. 

  • Manage traffic signage

  • Maintain township roads: graveling, grading, snow removal.

  • Remove unsafe roadside obstructions.


Weather conditions and vehicle traffic change a gravel road surface daily. 


The board of three supervisors, clerk, and treasurer are elected by eligible voters - a person who is a registered voter and resides in the township. 

Township official notices are published in the county weekly newspapers. 

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Township Regulations

SDCL 8-5-5

The board may prosecute for any trespass committed on any public inclosure, highway, or property belonging to the township.

SD Codified Laws for Townships

SD Codified Laws for Township Roads

Township Meetings

Confirm time and location with your Township Clerk. The public is welcome.

FEBRUARY (last Tues.)    

     Township Meeting

MARCH (first Tues.)      

     ANNUAL MEETING (Elections)

Mid-MARCH (M-F)        

     Equalization Meetings

MARCH (last Tues.)      

     Reorganizational Township MTG

OCTOBER (last Tues.)  

     Township Meeting

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