The LPWPD is responsible for the control structures (gates) east of the outlet next to county

road 459th Ave bridge. The gates are operated in accordance with a permit from US Corps of

Engineers. The only time the gates are closed is when the Big Sioux River backflows into the

lake. The LPWPD also conducts lake water quality assessments on a regular basis.

Shoreline Erosion and Stability Issues

A homeowner’s shoreline stabilization project can be partially covered by a cost-share fund.

Homeowner’s planning shoreline work contact a LPWPD member to schedule a prework

inspection, receive advice on available funds, and guidance on proper stabilization guidelines.

Obtain and submit a SHORELINE STABILIZATION APPLICATION FORM for project approval.


Notice of Meetings

LPWPD meets the third Saturday of each month during the summer. Their annual

meeting is held in April. For more information email Betty Westall, at or call 605-203-0953.