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Lake Poinsett Management Plan Public Meeting
with Banner Associates 

Public meeting will be held June 8th at 10am at the Methodist Church Retreat Meeting Room directly following the Coffee Chat with an expert, Dan Loveland, at 9am


Your voice is crucial in shaping the future of our community. The Lake Poinsett Management Plan Survey is designed to gather your views and insights on a variety of topics, including water quality, water quantity, amenities, tourism, development, public services, and more.  Your response will help craft a management plan that reflects the concerns and desires of the people of lake Poinsett. The survey is divided into sections by topic.

 Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey and for your interest in the future of Lake Poinsett.

LPA President, Scott Ross

Greetings to all Lake-Enthusiasts! 

Our favorite lake is a source of pride and enjoyment. We are a group of lake enthusiasts growing more aware of our role as good stewards concerning this beautiful, natural resource. It takes a team effort to care for this natural gem.

Thank you, 

Lake Poinsett Association Board 


Golf carts operating on public roads are illegal by state law. Read more about the law.

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