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Our mission is to preserve the health and beauty of our lake for future generations.

Greetings to all Lake-Enthusiasts! 

Our favorite lake is a source of pride and enjoyment. We are a group of lake enthusiasts growing more aware of our role as good stewards concerning this beautiful natural resource. A clean, healthy lake and its fishery depend on an informed public to make responsible decisions. 

We will continue to update our website to reflect lake facts and healthy lake information. So, check back often and Follow Our Facebook Page with likes and comments. 

Thank you, 

Lake Poinsett Association Directors 


March is LPA's Membership Month!

We will be mailing JOIN/RENEW letters in early February to all Lake Poinsett and Lake Albert residents.

Sign up, membership is $50. We will draw six names for prizes at the end of March. Check our Facebook page for the winners!

P.S. Add your email address too.


PO Box 222, Lake Norden, SD 57248



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